Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome to Willow Tree Lane

Welcome to Willow Tree Lane the newest premade blogger design from Imagination Designs. With Willow Tree you will get a clean and modern looking design. The design includes:
Here’s a list of what’s included with the design:

  • Custom signature
  • Blog button with grab code
  • Favicon
  • Custom block quotes
  • Custom title fonts
  • 5 social media icons of your choice
  • Choice of 3 color options
  • Installation on your blog
3 color choices:

 and the original color that is on this blog now.

Interested? Here’s how you can buy it. Fill out this form with all the necessary information. This will tell me what your blog title and link is, plus what you want your signature to say, so that I can make all the edits. Once you fill out the form you will receive a PayPal invoice for $30 from me. Once that’s paid I’ll email you will all the further info and instructions.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Test Post

Release Date: 2009
Age Group: Young Adult
Received From: Bought
IBSN: 9780618959822

After five months of sheer absolute craziness I was going back to being plain old background D.J. In photographs of course I’m always in the background . . .

But it turns out other folks have big plans for D.J. Like her coach. College scouts. All the town hoops fans. A certain Red Bend High School junior who’s keen for romance and karaoke. Not to mention Brian Nelson, who she should not be thinking about! Who she is done with, thank you very much. But who keeps showing up anyway . . .

Readers first fell in love with straight-talking D. J. Schwenk in Dairy Queen; they followed her ups and downs both on and off the court in The Off Season. Now D. J.steps out from behind the free-throw line in this final installment of the Dairy Queen trilogy.

Astrid Jones copes with her small town’s gossip and narrow-mindedness by staring at the sky and imagining that she’s sending love to the passengers in the airplanes flying high over her backyard. Maybe they’ll know what to do with it. Maybe it’ll make them happy. Maybe they’ll need it. Her mother doesn’t want it, her father’s always stoned, her perfect sister’s too busy trying to fit in, and the people in her small town would never allow her to love the person she really wants to: another girl named Dee. There’s no one Astrid feels she can talk to about this deep secret or the profound questions that she’s trying to answer. But little does she know just how much sending her love–and asking the right questions–will affect the passengers’ lives, and her own, for the better.
In this unmistakably original portrayal of a girl struggling to break free of society’s boxes and definitions, Printz Honor author A.S. King asks readers to question everything–and offers hope to those who will never stop seeking and sharing real love.